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Do-It-Yourself Training

Are you frustrated with your dog constantly jumping up on counters, peeing on the rug, barking too much, or otherwise misbehaving? You can solve the issue yourself without hiring an expensive trainer! Find out more here >

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Dog Whisperer Training Tips

Establish Leadership Establishing yourself as the leader ensures your dog understands their place in the family hierarchy. Set and maintain boundaries with a calm-assertive energy, and make rules clear from the beginning, such as making your dog sit before meals. Set Boundaries Early Start by setting boundaries early. If your dog knows where they're allowed to roam in the house … Read More

Teaching Dogs Not to Bite

Understanding Why Dogs Bite Dogs may bite due to fear, protectiveness, or teething. Grasping the underlying reasons helps address the root of the problem rather than just the symptoms. Early socialization reduces fear-induced biting, while redirecting teething puppies to appropriate chew toys can help manage their natural instincts. Introducing your dog to a wide range of experiences early in life … Read More

DIY Dog Training Guide

Dog Training Basics Consistent routines and clear communication build a strong base for DIY dog training. Establish rituals like morning exercise before breakfast, responding to the "Sit" command every time before meals, or specific spots for toilet breaks. Dogs thrive on knowing what to expect, which eases the learning process. Rewards play a pivotal role. Positive reinforcement works wonders. Use … Read More

Puppy Training Basics

Training the 'Come' Command Establishing a strong recall cue is essential for your puppy's safety and your peace of mind. Start in a distraction-free environment like your living room or a quiet backyard. Hold a treat or a favorite toy, and call your puppy's name followed by "Come" in a cheerful and inviting tone. When your puppy heads toward you, … Read More

Puppy Potty Training Guide

Crate Training Using a properly sized crate can significantly aid in potty training puppies. Puppies instinctively avoid soiling their sleeping area, so choosing the right crate size is crucial. The crate should be just large enough for the puppy to comfortably lie down, sit, stand, and turn around, but not so spacious that they can use one corner as a … Read More

Dog Training Camps

Types of Dog Training Camps Dog training camps offer various options to meet different needs. Day camps provide structured environments where dogs receive training during the day but return home at night. Good Dogs Training Camp follows this model, allowing dogs to learn basic obedience, socialize, and engage in activities before heading home each evening. This setup enables owners to … Read More

Online Dog Training Courses

Overview of Online Dog Training Online dog training courses offer a flexible and convenient approach for dog owners aiming to train their furry companions. These courses are structured to be user-friendly and effective, allowing you to train your dog at your own pace. They often include a mix of written lessons, video tutorials, and interactive components to cater to different … Read More

Dog Training Books Guide

Positive Reinforcement Techniques Positive reinforcement in dog training means rewarding behaviors we want to see more often. If your dog sits when you ask, give a treat or some praise. The idea is to encourage good behavior by making it enjoyable for the dog. Treats are a classic choice for rewards, but there are more options. Praise, petting, a favorite … Read More

Best Dog Training Videos

Online Dog Training Programs Online dog training programs offer flexibility that traditional classes often can't match. You can learn at your own pace, pausing and replaying videos until you've nailed each technique. Training from home is another huge perk. There's no need to pack up your dog and drive to class. At home, you have a familiar environment where both … Read More

Dog Training Collars

Types of Dog Training Collars Electric Collars Electric collars, often called e-collars, are known for their effectiveness in behavior correction. These collars utilize remote-controlled stimulation, which can range from mild to more intense shocks. Training professionals often favor e-collars for their versatility. They offer several modes such as tone and vibration, making them adaptable for both basic obedience and advanced … Read More